All About Tooth Infection And How To Go About It

All About Tooth Infection And How To Go About It

The value of human teeth simply priceless and having them at their best is usually everyone’s wish. However, tooth infections are a reality thus the health and well being of teeth is always at a risk of infections. A tooth infection is an accumulation of pus around the root of a tooth.


Many are times one can’t stop wondering the reason as to why they have an uncomfortable gum or a toothache. Tooth infection is commonly caused by advanced tooth decay which is initiated by bacteria.

Tooth-InfectionThis affects the inner and sensitive section of teeth called the pulp. Other substantial causes are chipped/ broken teeth and gum disease.


A toothache is the initial symptom and it may be severe to a point a person can’t chew their food properly. Pain when chewing and biting food is commonly experienced at this point. Infected teeth also show very sensitivity to both cold and hot temperature, hence extremely hot and cold drinks aren’t preferable for affected teeth.

A characteristic foul smell in the mouth and a generally foul breath strike and neighboring people won’t help but notice. The swelling of a section of the mouth and red gums are a few visible diagnosis to tooth infections. Advanced infections may require x-rays test to fully establish the extent of the problem at hand.

Tooth InfectionTreatment

Dentists can conduct a root canal therapy on the tooth and drain out the pus from the affected root; wash the surrounding areas with saline and sealing the area.

In the event of the former approach isn’t sufficient owing to advanced accumulation of pus the tooth can be extracted. A small incision can also be made on the gum to drain out the pus.


Proper and hygienic care for teeth isn’t an option if one wishes to be free from tooth infections. This entails the brushing of teeth regularly after every meals or at least twice a day.

One has to cut down on the consumption of sugary items. In the case of broken or chipped off teeth a prompt visit to the doctor is wise.


In a nutshell, tooth infections area reality, carefulness with dietary intake and hygienic tooth maintenance practice are advised. Who wouldn’t want to have healthy teeth??


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